Nov 09, 2019 - 11:51 PM - by Palidino

The drop rate boost scroll info is now displayed in the quest tab guide information.
Fixed bank item dragging.
Fixed the combat lamp.
Nov 06, 2019 - 3:53 AM - by Palidino

The Halloween shop can now be accessed outside of the bank! Start cashing in your pumpkin tokens for some cool new outfits!
Added messages when a ring of wealth reaches 50% and 10%.
Yelled messages will now be hidden if the user is on your ignore list.
Fixed the vengeance animation.
Fixed a bug involving God Wars instance monster aggression.
Fixed multiple reported bugs and issues.
Nov 01, 2019 - 2:20 AM - by Palidino

Notice: this update requires you to close and open your client before logging back in!

Jormungand's Prison

Hidden inside Jormungand's prison lies in wait the brand new basilisk knights! Their high stats will make them tough to kill, be if you're lucky enough, you'll be rewarded with the basilisk jaw. This item can be attached to a helm of Neitiznot to create the Neitiznot...
Oct 31, 2019 - 11:09 AM - by Miika

Overseer Applications are now OPEN!

Please keep in mind, any applications that do not follow the template will be auto-denied. If you can't follow it the 2nd time, you will be denied in being accepted this time.

You must not have any active infractions or account share with anyone.

You can find the Application form by clicking the link under.

Good luck!

Oct 29, 2019 - 3:30 PM - by Shirou

Howdie folks,

[Halloween event]
BattleScape's Halloween event will launch after the live client update and will last one week, but what does it entail?
Players will be able to accumulate 'Pumpkins' which will be stackable, the 'Pumpkins' will serve as a form of exchange currency to obtain Halloween themed items.

You'll be able to accumulate them through everyday...
Oct 27, 2019 - 10:23 PM - by Krissy

Halloween Event

So this year for Halloween 10/31/19 (Starting from 3pm game time until 11/03/19 00:00 game time) i will be hosting 3 different types of events with Halloween themed prizes!!


1st event: 1st skilling pet to come in game during event time after 3pm
Oct 26, 2019 - 1:52 PM - by Palidino

The season of video content is here! Upload a video or stream and get rewarded membership or bonds, it's that simple! The video can be of whatever you want. Make a video of PvMing, skilling, tournaments, PKing, a series, etc; the choice is yours!

Video Requirements

  • Videos must be at least 5 minutes and streams
Oct 18, 2019 - 6:01 PM - by Shirou

Weekly Management Results [Summary Thread]

  • BattleScape can expect one of these on a weekly basis, the purpose of this is solely to keep our users informed and provide a better overview of what's to come and what's

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