Patch Notes: September 21st

Sep 21, 2018 - 12:49 AM - by Palidino



Sep 16, 2018 - 2:27 PM - by Miika

As Overseer applications are now closed, it is time for a few promotions.


Marty has been promoted to Overseer
Soft has been promoted to Overseer
Lawyer has been promoted to Overseer

D E A G has returned as a Moderator


Overseer Applications

Sep 09, 2018 - 2:07 PM - by Miika

Overseer Applications are now Closed!

Please keep in mind, any applications that do not follow the template will be auto-denied. If you can't follow it the 2nd time, you will be denied in being accepted this time.

You must not have any active infractions or account share with anyone.

You can find the Application form by clicking the link under.

Good luck!

Overseer Applications are now ...

Wilderness Changes and Bob Barter

Sep 08, 2018 - 10:25 PM - by Palidino

Bob Barter can further mix your potions and changes to the wilderness have been made, including improvements to obtaining blood money....

PK Mode - Possible Concept

Sep 07, 2018 - 5:37 PM - by Palidino

The concept of this mode is currently being developed, but I'm gathering any feedback on how to better improve it.

Original idea sent to me:
PK Mode:
- This mode can trade the main game mode but only under strict conditions. Can only give coins to the main game mode however the mode can receive any item from the main game meode (this should be disabled for the first 2 weeks to maintain integrity)


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