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    Sep 2016
    Today's update focuses on improving the wilderness with Slayer tasks that are rewarding and skilling that is faster than normal. Other improvements are included in this, such as the right-click options of the amulet of glory, wilderness obelisks, and the changes to the bandos godsword, ahrim's staff, and serpentine helm.

    Wilderness Changes

    While on a wilderness only Slayer task, you will receive an additional roll of monsters' drop tables. Monsters will also drop blood money equal to twice their combat level and have a chance at dropping a tier 1 mysterious emblem. Slayer and combat experience is increased by 25%.

    Barrows will no longer drop sinister keys and blood money unless you have them as a wilderness Slayer assignment. If you do, the keys will be dropped noted. Wilderness Barrows has been opened to all game modes for wilderness Slayer.

    Lava dragons have had their noted bone drops removed but Piles has been added to the area and can note them. Burying the bones on the isle gives the correct x4 more experience. Lava dragons will also drop more than 1 lava scale. The Agility shortcut south of the Lava Dragon Isle now requires the correct 74 Agility level to use.

    While inside of the resource area, you will receive a 12.5% boost to skilling experience. Anywhere inside of the wilderness, a 10% boost is given to all skills that have a success/failure chance.

    The fisherman located in the wilderness have been replaced with Piles, who will note any item in exchange for 50 coins. Noted fish will no longer block jewelry teleports past level 20. Piles has also been added to the mine between the Forgotten Cemetery and Ruins, which contains a large number of mithril rocks, coal rocks, and adamant rocks. Black chinchompas have been re-positioned which should help improve the rate that you catch them.

    Rogues chests can be thieved for 25-50 blood money and a rune scimitar as a normal mode or a rune mace as a hardcore or ironman. The chests will remain open for 30 seconds, so to maximize experience and money you'll have to run between the different chests. Rogues will also attack you if you steal from them, so prayer will be needed to survive thieving.

    Multiple items have been added to the blood money shop, including cosmetic item upgrade kits, a clue scroll box giving a random clue from easy to master, and skilling supplies. Certain items in the shop have been opened up to both hardcore and ironmen.

    • The wilderness obelisks can now be activated.
    • The rejuv pool no longer bases spec restore on having a PK skull, but instead the two minute wilderness exit timer.
    • The 2 minute wilderness exit timer is no longer applied if you weren't skulled (loadouts and rejuv pool).
    • The wilderness demi bosses and bosses have had their blood money drops increased to 1.25K/5K.
    • Increased the unique drop rates of battle mages.
    • Wilderness teleports will no longer be saved to the last teleport.
    • Fixed receiving your opponent's blood money they're carrying if you kill them.
    • Fixed and extended the time the PK Raffle runs on Sunday before being drawn.

    In Other News

    • Bandos godsword special attack cost has been reduced from 65% to 50%.
    • Ahrim's staff has been made 1-handed and been given a 5% damage buff.
    • Updated the venom effects of the serpentine helm.
    • Amulet of glories (4) can now be purchased, which will have the correct right-click options.
    • Lizardman tasks can now be unlocked through Slayer.
    • Added a small chance of receiving a master clue scroll from the crystal chest and added more skilling supplies.
    • God blessings can now be obtained from clue scrolls.
    • Thievable elves have been added to Lletya.
    • Sapphire and emerald bolts can now be fletched.
    • Uncrushed herblore secondaries in the shop have been replaced with their crushed version.
    • Bob Barter will exchange clean herbs for noted grimy herbs.
    • Leather tanning now supports noted hide.
    • Reduced the cost of bones to peaches tabs to 5 boss slayer points.
    • Doubled the hitpoints of Pest Control monsters.
    • The Grand Exchange has been moved to inside the Edgeville bank.
    • Fixed the toxic blowpipe not increases its stats based on the ammo added to it.
    • Fixed multi-target monster attacks from being able to hit through map objects.
    • Fixed the animation while mining amethyst.
    • Fixed multiple reported Inferno bugs.
    • Fixed ensouled heads not banking correctly.
    • Fixed the dark energy core.

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    Dec 2016
    really good update i love everything except for the glory change.. unlimited glory was great for pking
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    Sep 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Marty View Post
    really good update i love everything except for the glory change.. unlimited glory was great for pking
    It's still unlimited, just the uncharged glory doesn't have the right-click options (just how Jagex designed it).
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    Nov 2017
    Thanks for the update
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    Oct 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Palidino View Post
    It's still unlimited, just the uncharged glory doesn't have the right-click options (just how Jagex designed it).
    are the current amulets going to be converted to (4) or will there be a way for iron/hc to charge them?
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    Jan 2017
    Holy shit what can I say.... Amazing update! Looks like there is loads of time in this, which we are graceful for. I'll be looking forward to testing the new features.
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    Jan 2017
    I was about to go for full inferno, but then I thankfully noticed that there was update for it so I wanted to do practice first to see the changes.

    There's no Jad/ranger timer at all anymore, they just spawn exactly same time with Jad, when bosses hp goes below 480...

    Edit: Fixed by Palidino.
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    Sep 2017
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    Nov 2016
    this is mint. ty pali, great content + quality of life updates. am pleased
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    Nov 2017
    nice updates thanks
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