It has come to the attention of the staff team that we are getting a larger influx of players joining solely to advertise their RSPS in-game. I want to make a couple of things clear:

If you get pmed by someone who is advertising, please report it to a member of staff as soon as possible. You may think that it isn't really a concern but to us and the integrity of our player's accounts, it is.

Let's say someone signs up to their website with the same credentials that they are using here. The administrators on their site then have that info and would be able to potentially log into your account on Battle-Scape and take your items. Please be vigilant.

Remember to:
  • Change your password regularly (monthly is good enough)
  • Create a bank pin
  • Make sure you have a recovery email that is up-to-date
  • Check to see if there is a PIN-removal pending on your account

You can change your email/password here:

Please spread the word about the harm these advertisers can cause to be a potential threat.

Thank you for taking your time to read.