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  1. #1 Fishing Guild and Mining Guild Expansions  - 11-07-2017
    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    Today brings the OSRS expansions of both the Fishing Guild and Mining Guild! With this includes a number of bug fixes from the previous update.

    Fishing Guild Expansion

    A new fishing area has been opened up, contains minnows. These minnows move every 15 seconds, requiring you to frequently move alongside them to keep catching them. Kylie Minnow will exchange sharks for 40 minnows. Also, inside the Fishing Guild, you will receive an invisible +7 to your fishing level.

    Mining Guild Expansion

    The Mining Guild has been re-opened, and is now much larger than it previously was, including two runite rocks. While inside the lower half of the Mining Guild, you will receive an invisible +7 to your mining level. While mining, there is a chance to receive unidentified minerals, which can be exchanged for gloves that have a chance of increasing the number of ore from rocks.

    Amethyst crystals can be found at the bottom of the guild and can be crafted and fletched into amethyst broad bolts, amethyst arrows, and amethyst javelins. Alongside this, broad bolts can now be purchased as finished and unfinished from Nieve.

    In Other News

    • Added the lizardman shaman cave.
    • Combat XP is now lowered to x10 rather than x1 once you reach level 99.
    • Random Corporeal Beast shield box items are now weighted as follows: elysian = 1, spectral = 3, arcane = 3, blessed = 24.
    • The Woodcutting Guild now provides an invisible +7 to your woodcutting level.
    • Redwood logs can now be fletched into arrow shafts.
    • Fixed the godsword special attack animations.
    • Fixed the altars in instanced God Wars rooms.
    • Fixed being able to avoid dusk aggroing you on the first phase.
    • Fixed make-all when using a pestle and mortar.
    • Fixed make-all on the jewelry crafting interface.
    • Fixed dusk's loot broadcast for granite items.
    • Fixed the kraken boss not logging loot.
    • Fixed turning off ensouled head pickup with the ring of wealth (i).
    • Fixed tanning cowhide into hard leather.
    • Fixed the move command.
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    Jan 2017
    Thanks for the fixes Pali. I'm sure that skillers appreciate the content updates too.
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    Jan 2017
    Great update and needed fixes/qol like the Ely box and the AGS spec.

    In the fishing guild, don't you mean a +7 invisible boost to fish, not to mining?
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    Nov 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Palidino View Post
    Also, inside the Fishing Guild, you will receive an invisible +7 to your mining level.
    I guess pali was tired when he wrote this lul

    great update tho, much needed fixes.
    don't understand the x10 combat xp though. we've had it at x1 since the beginning, pretty much all post-99 combat progress that has been achieved since then is now disregarded
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    Dec 2016
    still waiting for pvp updates bro : /
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    Oct 2017
    Nice update, some very nice QoL fixes.
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    Oct 2017
    Niceeeeeeeee time to get 92 mining =]
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    Jan 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by theo View Post
    still waiting for pvp updates bro : /
    Suggest some good ones which get support from the community, then he should implement them. Alltough it will be hard to get out since we have a more pvm active community then a PvP one :/
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    Nov 2016
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    Sep 2017
    Nice updates minus the fact the minnow fishing is absolutely pointless cause the xp sucks and there is nothing making it worth doing.
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