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  1. #1 Grotesque Guardians and Wyverns  - 11-03-2017
    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    Grotesque Guardians, wyverns, deranged archaeologists, and a cache update! Today brings multiple new monsters to fight, including other improvements.

    Grotesque Guardians

    The guardians have been added on top of the Slayer Tower. A Slayer level of 75 and a key only dropped by Gargoyles on task are required to unlock the fight. If you're a normal mode account, you'll find that once unlocked, you can fight the guardians at any time. If however, you're an ironman or hardcore player, you will need a gargoyle task to fight them even after you've unlocked them.

    They have multiple unique drops, including the granite hammer, the black tourmaline core attachable to bandos boots, the granite ring, and granite gloves.

    Fossil Island Wyverns

    The different wyverns found on Fossil Island can now be accessed. The lower leveled wyverns require 66 Slayer, with the ancient wyverns requiring 82 Slayer. Their unique drops include the wyvern visage, granite longsword, and granite boots.

    In Other News

    • Deranged Archaeologists have been added to a Fossil Island teleport.
    • Bonds can now be converted to 200K Blood Money, rather than the previous 100K.
    • The wishing well status on the quest tab now includes the current size of the pot.
    • Wishing well drawings are now limited to Saturday.
    • Coins from voting have been replaced with a pk supplies box, which is given for every 2 vote tickets you receive (6 for voting on all of the sites). The box is worth ~650K in supplies with a shop resell value of 344K.
    • The Ice Queen cavern has been added.
    • Food and potions dropped inside instances will appear to everyone instantly.
    • The slayer ring will no longer waste charges on normal bones.
    • Key master teleport will now take you to Cerberus' entrance.
    • A basic hourly XP tracker can be toggled in the quest tab.
    • Added the level 99 and max total level fireworks.
    • Toggles for prayer and special attack tooltips can be found in the advanced options.
    • The make all interfaces have been updated. Please note some of the interface is cut off; this should be fixed with a client update later on.
    • Special attack correction: dragon dagger accuracy increased from 15% to 25%.
    • Special attack correction: dragon longsword damage decreased from 25% to 15%.
    • Special attack correction: dragon/crystal halberd accuracy decreased 25% on the second hit.
    • Special attack correction: Saradomin sword damage increased 10%.
    • Removed the larupia outfit level requirement to equip.
    • Fixed the normal 2h attack and block animations.
    • Fixed the fedora appearance.

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    Oct 2017
    Awesoem pali, good job!
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    Oct 2017
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    Oct 2017
    YESSSS FINALLY PALI!! THANK YOU! I knew I should keep this task of 111 gargs
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    Sep 2017
    Nice update, oh wait its not raids
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    Oct 2016
    Awesome, can't wait to kill some new bosses, and eeeeeeek I want that wyvern vissy so bad (:<

    Also, will the Noon and Midnight pet be separate or have a metamorphosis?
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    Sep 2017
    I second the raids comment
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    Sep 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by eye ron View Post
    I second the raids comment
    Quote Originally Posted by Pure Less View Post
    Nice update, oh wait its not raids
    When you use two accounts to comment the same opinion lmao
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    Dec 2016
    awesome update great job bro
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    Sep 2017
    well maybe it will finally get to him that people want raids
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