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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    Voting Changes
    There are now 4 main sites: TopG, RuneLocus, Top100Arena, and RSPS-List. These are required to receive the ingame benefits for voting in the past 24 hours.
    There are now 2 (soon to be 4) secondary sites: RSPS100, Rune-Server, Arena-Top100, and RSPS-Page. These will simply give immediate rewards.
    Finally, there are 4 sites listed that can help us grow, but don't provide rewards.

    The rewards for each site are 2 vote tickets, 200K coins, and 4K BM. Secondary sites give these same rewards, but the quantities are halved.
    There is a 1 in 12,000 chance PER vote ticket you receive an inverted santa hat. The chance of this will be adjusted once a month depending on the total number of votes from the month.
    The chicken outfit has been added for 15 vote tickets per piece.
    Boss task resetting remains at 4 tickets, however, it will eventually be increased.

    Other Updates
    Mysterious emblem multiplier raised to x8. This means the lowest coin drop from killing a skulled player is 400K.
    Ring of wealth (i) will now pickup/bank clue scrolls, ensouled heads, ancient shards, and totem pieces.
    Tele block XP is now 95 for full, 84 for half, and 0 for a miss.
    The wishing well now boosts coin drops by 12.5%.
    Added the wilderness ship wreck.
    Added baby mole pet loot broadcasting.
    You can no longer exit the Clan Wars Tournament while in combat.
    Toggles for the row settings have been added.
    A number of improvements have been made to the loginserver.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed combat magic giving too much XP.
    Fixed the imbued heart giving empty vials, and added the missing graphic when using it.
    Fixed the Clan Wars Tournament quest tab time not displaying correctly.
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    Senior Member
    Nov 2016

    PS: Nice updates. :')
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    Overseer :)
    Oct 2016
    Finally even more reason to vote, like helping bs grow wasnt already enough Ty Pali
    I love you Crazy Dog. You are one of the best Filas I have ever had the pleasure to know ol man.
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    I love dogs
    Oct 2016
    Lets get that advertisement on the ROLL
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    Dec 2016
    love the row changes, not sure how the voting changes will affect ticket prices, but all looks good man thx for update
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    Junior Member
    Jun 2017
    nice update
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    Senior Member
    Jan 2017
    Amazing work!

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    Junior Member
    May 2017
    Great update Palidino!
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    Senior Member
    Oct 2016
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    Jan 2017
    hella dope update. keep it up pali!
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