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We are a RuneScape private server, and have been running for over 7 years. Whether you're looking to get straight to PKing and PvP, fight against monsters to obtain rare items, or compete for the number one rank on the hiscores, the choice is yours!

We have a very unique selection of graphics. You can play using oldschool graphics, switch to how everything looked pre-EoC, or even use EoC graphics if that's what you're into. You can change all of this right from the settings menu.

Registering and playing is FREE! All you have to do is pick out a username and password.

Enjoy the game with thousands of people today!

Pre-Eoc 150m Give away week 2

Feb 12, 2016 - 3:14 PM - by Dan
Dan's Avatar
Post below for your chance to win 100m cash!

How to win: Simply post below, first post is #1 ect. Gold members get double entry so for example, if the first post is a gold member it counts as #1 & #2. winners will be picked via random number generator 1 week from today.

1st place; 100m
2nd place; ags
3rd place; berserker
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Feb 10, 2016 - 2:32 AM - by Palidino
  • Zombies minigame has been replaced by a completely new minigame.
  • Added global announcements to 200m achievements.
  • Replaced "Ask Question" with "Help Desk" which now also has ingame polls.
  • Small increase to Nex drop rates.
  • Callisto will now drop the correct pet.
  • Improvements to QA.
  • Moved the Jad pet to a 1 in 20 chance from the Fight Cave.
  • Adjusted 3rd age item
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Feb 03, 2016 - 2:41 PM - by Palidino
Palidino's Avatar
  • Advanced Gnome Agility Course has been added.
  • Blood shards can now be combined with dungeoneering amulets.
  • Bandos godsword, statius's warhammer, and dragon warhammer special attacks now work on monsters.
  • The welcome screen will no longer appear if you've voted and logged in after the latest update.
  • Ironmen will now get 1.25x XP on Saturdays.
  • Reduced the DPS you take in ROTS.
  • ... [Read More]
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Winners updated! Pre-Eoc 100m giveaway week 1

Jan 30, 2016 - 5:43 PM - by Frank
Frank's Avatar

1st place: #59 ligeti ( https://gyazo.com/902afd254b9f83defeaefdbc072c7c4f )

2nd place: #31 Mr Patrick LOLOLOL
EDIT: He's donating it to 3rd place ( https://gyazo.com/a99b12c8d1e6eb68eb7d2076ab243c0c )

3rd place: #12 pffsohail (
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Jan 29, 2016 - 6:05 AM - by Palidino
  • Amulet of fury has been added to the vote shop for 10 points.
  • Added Slayer/Soul Reaper task cancel for 2/3 vote points.
  • F2P can now use the Corporeal Beast and KBD teleport every 2 hours.
  • Added a welcome screen with a link to updates and voting.
  • A link to the vote page has been added on the Noticeboard vote button.
  • Anti-poison potions will now clear poison instead of
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» Game Activity

Analbeads 25 minutes ago
received an Armadyl helmet drop
Analbeads 31 minutes ago
received an Armadyl chainskirt drop
Rosie Jones 54 minutes ago
achieved 200M Constitution XP
Toohigh 2 hours ago
received a Garb of subjugation drop
Timer147 2 hours ago
received a Draconic visage drop

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